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Clinic for Biological Cancer Therapy

Our philosophy to healing is a balance between traditional and natural biologic medicine.

At the Hyperthermia Centre Hannover, clinic of Dr. Mohamed Ali Zayen, we combine conventional technologies with a holistic approach to healing. As such, we focus and adapt each therapy, medication and holistic therapy schedule to your individual needs and requirements.


With a holistic approach, the Hyperthermia Centre Hannover focuses on detoxification, healing and regeneration. Our target is to promote your rehabilitation, increase your life expectancy and restore your natural healing processes.


We are not satisfied in treating symptoms only. All therapies, medications and self- empowering plans are targeted to your own personal health.

Oncology and Cancer Specialists

Hyperthermia Centre Hanover

The Hyperthermia Centre in Hannover, Germany opened its doors in 1982 and is specialized in treating cancer with hyperthermia and other biological types of treatments and does treat patients from Germany and all over the world.


The clinic for biological cancer therapy actually does offer treatments with 6 forms of fever therapies (Hyperthermia):

2 sorts of whole body Hyperthermia and 4 different forms of local Hyperthermia. With this the Hyperthermia Centre is one of the top alternative cancer clinics in Germany.

Homeopathy, psychology, photodynamic laser therapy and biological cancer therapy does complete the holistic therapeutic program which incorporates similarly body, spirit and psyche in its conflict between health and illness.

Our trained and qualified team of specialists is at your disposal to assist you at all times and even support you in multiple languages.

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