Dr. Peter Wolf

Specialist in:

  • Biological cancer therapy

  • Integrative medicine

  • Complementary oncology

  • Psychosomatics

  • Homeopathy

  • Phytotherapy

  • Acupuncture

  • Has been running his own medical office for more than 30 years, concentrating on complementary Oncology

Member of the following specialist medical societies:

  • Gesellschaft für Biologische Krebsabwehr e.V. (Society for Biological Cancer Prevention)

  • Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft für Komplementärmedizin (FoFöG) e.V. (Research Promotion Society for Complementary Medicine)

  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Hyperthermie e.V. (German Society for Hyperthermia)

  • Deutscher Zentralverein homöopathischer Ärzte (Central German Association for Homoeopathic Doctors)

Training and courses in the field of hyperthermia and complementary oncology:

  • Gesund-Klinik Wilhelmshaven (Health Clinic)

  • Grönemeyer Institute Bochum

  • BioMed Klinik Bad Bergzabern (BioMed Clinic)

​Groups led by Dr. med. Peter Wolf:

During 1997 and 1999, Dr. med. Peter Wolf lead a theatre show with cancer patients called, “Like a bowl in a balance” performing in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in 1997 – in 1999. In 1999, the theatre show was even reported in the German state television, ZDF.

Immune training for cancer patients in a monastery in Mallorca since 1987

Publications by Dr. med. Peter Wolf:

  • Infusion therapy with Viscum album preparation Vysorel (Isorel), in: Hagerstown, ED, 1986: Biomodulation und Biotherapie des Krebes 1, Verlag für Medizin, Dr. Ewald Fischer

  • Rhythmic infusion therapy with Viscum album Päparat Vysorel in brain metastases – case report to achieve complete remission in Krebsgeschehen, Issue 3/1984

  • Rhythmic infusion therapy with Viscum album preparation Vysorel and two patients with bone metastases in Krebsgeschehen, Issue 6/1985

  • Publication in the journal “Experience Healing” – Topic Cancels experience with the Viscum album preparation Vysorel in 60 patients, Biologie der Krebstherapie in Raum und Zeit, Heft 3/1986

  • Cancer and psychosomatic medicine in Cancer Journal Krebskurier I-III

  • Innovations in biological cancer therapy, naturasanitas, 2008

  • Ernährungsfibel, naturasanitas, 2008

  • Innovations in biological cancer therapy – A guide for cancer patients and their relatives – Available here – 2016

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