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  • What is the nearest airport?
    The nearest airport is Hannover Airport – HAJ. Hubs are Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Paris – Charles de Gaulles Airport – in France, Zurich in Switzerland and Francfort or Munich in Germany.
  • Do you pick up at the nearest airport?
    We used to, but nowadays we hand out a letter because it eases your travel arrangements, as you don’t need to worry about being late. Patients can show this letter to any taxi driver who will take them from the airport to their hotel, or from their hotel to the clinic. Usually airport transfer is about 30 – 40 €. Alternatively patients take the tram No 1 from Hannover Airport to the main train station (Hannover Hauptbahnhof) and from their tram 3, 7, or 9 direction Altwarmbüchen to their Hotel; - For Avalon Hotel: Stop at Lister Platz, - For Novotel Hotel: Stop at Lister Platz, - For Pelikan Residenz: Stop at Pelikanstrasse. Transfers between hotel and clinic can be arranged upon request.
  • Where do patients stay?
    Patients can stay in any hotel, guest room or apartment they like in and around Hannover. They lodge according to their life style. Most patients arrive with family members, sometimes even with little children and are quite happy not to be confined in a clinical environment. Check out the accommodation options we have put together, or these online booking service where you want to stay.
  • How close is lodging to the clinic?
    The Avalon Hotel is at walking distance to our clinic with about 350 m, Novotel 4* Hotel about 500m and Pelikan residence about 4 tram stations and 250 m (15-30 min walk). You can see for yourself using Google map service.
  • What does lodging cost?
    Lodging starts at 55€/night including breakfast at our accommodation recommendations, but you can look for options yourself using an online booking service.
  • What about meals?
    We are an outpatient clinic and as such do not provide meals. Patients cook and prepare food for their diets (Budwig, Gerson, vegan food) in their apartments (Avalon Hotel and Pelikan Residence have cooking facilities in their apartment rooms). Most patients take the breakfast at the hotel (taking care at what to eat and what not) Oats, honey and hot water is always provided. We provide advice & consultation on diets and nutrition therapies like the Gerson diet but no food itself. Patients do have the possibility to book a juicer for their time being in our clinic.
  • What about organic food?
    We have an organic grocery store just across the road and an organic restaurant about 300 m from the clinic. Patients easily find their way around, see for yourself.
  • What about workouts?
    You can do workouts in a nearby gym, but rather than doing that, we recommend to go for a walk in the Eilenriede Park. We understand perfectly that your stay in Hannover should be as pleasant as possible, but please bear in mind, your body is already doing a lot. Less is more in the case of patients.
  • What types of cancer do you treat?
    Here you find the types of cancer we treat. But we don’t only treat cancer, we also treat multiple sclerosis, lyme disease and other chronic diseases.
  • Do you treat children?
    We only treat children at special request and at certain times. Children do need a lot of extra care and time. Please provide us with as much information as possible in order for us to make a qualified quote.
  • Is there usually a waiting list to get in?
    We don’t operate with waiting lists. We now have seven (7) hyperthermia machines in our clinic and are among the hyperthermia clinic with the most hyperthermia appliances. See the latest news in hyperthermia technology, the EHY3010.
  • How long do patients stay?
    Most patients start with an initial block therapy lasting 3/4 weeks, ideally it would be 6 weeks, but this greatly depend on your own agenda. Back home patients follow a special regeneration therapy (Infusions, oral medication, Gerson diet) before coming back for another block therapy of 2 to 6 weeks. Learn more about our therapy plans.
  • What happens on my first day?
    On your first day you are going to discuss with Dr Peter Wolf your individual therapy plan, medication plan and self-empowerment plan during your stay and beyond. Right afterwards you are going to start with your therapy.
  • How long does a local hyperthermia session last?
    A local hyperthermia session lasts for about 2 hours. Typically patients receive 4 or 5 local hyperthermia sessions per week.
  • How long does a whole body hyperthermia session last?
    Whole body hyperthermia sessions last about 2 – 3 hours. Typically patients receive 1 whole body hyperthermia session per week, but again this greatly depend on their physical condition.
  • What do I have to expect from an IPT - low dose chemotherapy and natural chemotherapy?
    An IPT – low dose chemotherapy & natural chemotherapy targets very specifically cancer cells. We expect our patients not to eat 12-18 hours before the therapy, as this will greatly boost the effectiveness of the IPT session. Typically an IPT lasts about 2 to 3 hours from the time you lay down to getting back up and dress.
  • What are possible therapy combinations?
    Using a holistic approach to cancer, lyme disease and other chronicle disease, we combine regulation therapies with regeneration therapies and integrative cancer therapies. For us, the combination of these different therapies makes the difference, not one single therapy.
  • When is hyperthermia most effective?
    This is a very individual question. Some patients come here right after their first diagnosis. Others have followed standard therapy proposals and again others didn’t do anything at all. The results of our therapies depend on so many things, that’s why we individualize and combine freely different therapy options like infusions therapies (a regeneration therapy) with oral medications and the Gerson therapy (regulation and regeneration therapies) and active cancer therapies like hyperthermia, galvano therapy or even low dose chemotherapies or biological chemotherapies (all are integrative cancer therapies). By doing so, we can also intensify or loosen the frequency of the therapies and can adopt to your individual schedules.
  • How long is the home program, and is that included in the cost?
    Depending on the severity of the disease patients have, it can last several months or even years. Regeneration programs at home are billed according to costs. Some patients prefer to receive medication from their home country; we then go only over their medication list. Medication and food supplements are provided at extra cost.
  • What per cent of patients must return for more treatment, and at what intervals?
    This is a very individual question. Some patients can afford to stay in Germany as long as it takes. With these patients we switch from block therapies (5 days a week treatment) to continuance therapies (1 or 2 days a week treatment or more) others come 1 week, stay at home for 14 days then come back 1 week and so forth. A little story about one of our patients : Barbara, she is a radiation doctor in Croatia, and now comes for a little more than a year to our clinic and has made a tremendous recovery. She receives block therapies every 3 months at the beginning 6 weeks in a row, the last time she stayed only 2 weeks. Back home, she follows the Gerson diet and the entire family has become vegan, stays on food supplements and special orthomolecular medication and does a lot of self empowerment technics on her own.
  • Is the cost the same as the first time?
    Costs would be the approximately the same. Medication or external consultations are always extra. Mostly patients reduce their medication take-in over time if they follow a diet, like the Gerson diet.
  • Do you charge extra if they bring a companion, relative or friend?
    No extra costs. If an accompanying person wants to undertake regulation & regeneration therapy, then they are going to be charged according to the therapies they are undertaking. Simply ask for our special accompany offers once at the clinic.
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