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Cancer Therapies

Alternative & biological cancer treatments


As a clinic with a holistic approach to healing, we focus on you as an individual.


Using our heart and our mind to support you, we are focusing on clarity, creativity and competence on your journey towards better health. Time and time again, we see off-the-shelf solutions and we think outside the box.


Together we help you develop a customised concept for your treatment choices. In an ideal scenario, illnesses are prevented through health screening and healthcare advice.


We offer modern screening methods, provide personalised consultations with our Doctors and create together a healthy lifestyle.

Hyperthermia: Heat against Cancer

How does hyperthermia work?

Hyperthermia takes advantage of the fact that tumour cells are much more sensitive to heat than healthy cells. The heat produces what are known as heat shock proteins in the tumours, which make the tumour cells visible to the immune system. 

Tumour cells are invisible to the immune system but can change under the influence of heat. The "heat shock proteins" are certain proteins that appear on the surface of degenerated cells. Only then does the immune system recognise that these cells have to be fought. Healthy cells do not form heat shock proteins.

In hyperthermia treatment, the tumour tissue is heated from the outside. The heat has no effect on healthy tissue. The overheating of the tumour cells leads to a lack of oxygen and this causes over-acidification in the heated cells and a lack of nutrients in the tumour. The metabolism of the cell is disrupted leading to cell death (apoptosis) of the tumour cell.

Hyperthermia can make chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy more effective. In some cases, previously ineffective chemotherapy or radiation therapy in combination with hyperthermia could be made to work.

Our equipment can produce overheating both locally and throughout the whole body.


The different types of hyperthermia represent a particularly effective component of holistic cancer therapy and form a focal point of the successful treatment of various types of cancer in our outpatient clinic.


High-dose infusions in fighting cancer


​For more than 35 years, the Hyperthermia Centre Hannover has focused its therapeutic efforts on the successful application and further development of infusion therapy.

An infusion is the administration of a large amount of fluid, usually intravenously into the blood, but also directly into organs or tissue.

Our clinic team is highly trained and experienced in the field of infusion administration. Infusion therapy takes place in a quiet, relaxed atmosphere.  

Infusions are suitable not only for the high-dose administration of drugs, but also for patients who require supplementation with macro- and micronutrients. 

Other Therapies

We also offer the following therapies:

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