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Hyperthermia Centre Hannover

Opening hours:

Mon., Tue. & Thu.:

8 am - 12 pm

1 pm - 6 pm

Wed. & Fri.:

8 am - 4 pm

How to get here


By car:

Car drivers simply use their navigation system: Oskar-Winter-Strasse 9, 30161, Hannover.

By train:
To search and book your train tickets for Hannover, go to

Once you reach Hannover, we are located just 2 tram stations away from the main train station.


Simply take the following tram (Hannover Stadtbahn):


  • Nr 3 – direction Altwarmbüchen

  • Nr 7 – direction Hannover Miesburg

  • Nr 9 – direction Fasanenkrug Hannover


and stop at Lister Platz. Now you are located on Ferdinand-Wallbrecht Strasse or Lister Meile and we are to the left of the church (probably you will have to cross the road to get there) Oskar Winter Str 9, second floor.

Otherwise taxis are waiting right in front of the train station.

By plane:

The best hubs from Asia, Australia and the US are Munich or Frankfurt in Germany, Amsterdam in the Netherlands or Zurich in Switzerland. From there any airline will take you to Hannover Central Airport.


We recommend that you take a taxi from the airport. If you want to come to the clinic, please give our address to the driver:

Praxis Dr. Zayen

Oskar Winter-Str. 9

30161 Hannover

If you want to go directly to your hotel, don’t forget to print the hotel’s address to give it to the taxi driver.

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