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Albumin Carrier Therapy with Methotrexate (MTX-HSA)

Rediscovered therapy against tumors, metastases and inflammation

Albumin carrier therapy with methotrexate (MTX-HSA) has proven to be a positive treatment for tumor diseases, metastases and inflammations in the body. The perfect combination is the linking of the drug MTX with the body's own protein albumin.

MTXHSA is the coupling of two already approved substances (methotrexate and albumin). The conjugate can be prepared through pharmacies with the appropriate requirements under the Medicines Act.

In addition to sugar, cancer cells also feed on albumin, a protein found in the blood. Since tumor cells proliferate very rapidly, they have a much greater need for energy and nitrogen compounds than healthy cells. To meet this demand, cancer cells take up particularly large amounts of protein, especially serum albumin (HSA), from the blood.

In the 1950s, U.S. scientists realized that the protein albumin could be used as a transporter, a carrier substance, in tumors for drugs. This gave rise to the form of treatment against tumors, metastases and inflammatory diseases known today as "albumin carrier therapy".


In albumin carrier therapy, the active ingredient is coupled to the protein albumin, which occurs in the blood, and is thus transported directly into the tumor cells in a natural way. This gave rise in cancer research to the idea of attaching chemotherapeutic agents to the albumin molecule in order to deliver them quickly and safely to the tumor cell. Albumin thus represents a so-called "carrier" that can „smuggle“ substances into cells.


This compound is taken up by cancer cells and, as a "Trojan horse", the cancer destroying substance is channelled into the interior of the tent, leaving the healthy tissue unaffected. By combining albumin with methotrexate, a significantly prolonged blood level could be achieved: If normal methotrexate has a half-life of only 3 to 6 hours, HSA methotrexate circulates in the blood for up to three weeks.


In addition to fighting cancer cells, the active ingredient MTX also has a very positive effect on edema and water retention in the abdomen. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and inhibits the cell division of diseased cancer cells.

MTX-HSA behaves like a natural protein


Since the protein albumin is returned to the circulation from tissues and organs via the lymphatics and MTX-HSA behaves like a natural albumin, lymph node metastases can also be achieved through the systemic administration of such a combined compound.


Albumin is a perfect carrier for anti-cancer drugs. The protein hides the active ingredient until it is released at the target site, the tumor, thereby targeting the diseased tissue.

Application possibilities and side effects of HSA-methotrexate

When HSA methotrexate is administered, there are usually no side effects, it has a gentle and long-lasting effect, and other therapies, such as insulin potentiated chemotherapy and biological agents, can be well combined with it. The usual side effects of chemotherapeutic agents are greatly reduced.

Effect on various solid tumors and metastases


In conventional chemotherapy, pure MTX is used in combination with other drugs for various tumor diseases, such as breast carcinomas or cerebral lymphomas.

Inflammatory processes / rheumatoid arthritis

MTX-HSA can also be used successfully to treat inflammation in the body.

Historical development of albumin carrier therapy with MTX-HSA


In the late 1990s, Dr. Hannsjörg Sinn and his team at the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg succeeded in using albumin as a carrier substance. After his death, the Albumin Carrier Therapy Foundation continued the research. In December 2020, the pharmaceutical company "HWI group" took over the albumin carrier therapy and continues the research of this promising cancer treatment in the spirit of the foundation.

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