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Breast Cancer


Breast cancer is the most common malignant tumor of the mammary glands. It occurs mainly in women, and approximately one in a hundred in men. Breast cancer is the most frequent cancer affecting woman in the western world. Almost every eighth woman gets sick with a mamma carcinoma (the medical term) in the course of their lives.

Most diseases occur sporadically, i.e. randomly, according to today’s level of knowledge. But there are both hereditary and acquired risk factors, and correlations are made with the hormonal balance of the body. Some women have a family history of the condition, and therefore a genetic predisposition is possible. In these cases a chromosome analysis can be made. The age peak of breast cancer is between 45 and 70 years of age, but even younger women under 30 years can develop the disease.


The leading symptom of breast cancer is the presence of nodes in the chest that are not sensitive to pressure, especially if they are fixed, nodular, and immovable. Is the tumor close to the skin, or in an advanced stage of the disease, redness or a circumscribed (pressure) pain can also occur.


A breast ultrasound and/or mammography will give an indication of the condition of the tissue in the breast, and if cancer is suspected, a biopsy will enable a diagnosis. Besides to healing, the target of the medical treatment is also the quality of life, and saving the breast concerned.

Therapies for the treatment of breast cancer: