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Curcumin Infusions


Curcumin, also called "turmeric", is an intense yellow orange spice in Indian curry mixtures. Preferably in high dosage, it can be used for any cancer form both preventively and therapeutically.

In India, turmeric is traditionally present in the nutrition chain and the disease rate of breast, prostate, colorectal and lung cancer is ten times lower than in the United States. Many experts attribute this fact to the curcumin. There are about 3,000 studies demonstrating the effect of curcumin on cancer.


The German Society of Oncology, as well as those in Austria and the United States are in favor of the use of curcumin as a therapy support.

In biological cancer therapy, curcumin is no longer a secret weapon: it can be used in multiple ways to fight cancer without side effects.


Curcumin acts against cancer via various mechanisms: It stimulates the immune system and inhibits the formation and spread of metastases (proliferation) at the genetic level. It activates genes involved in apoptosis (cell death) and has anti-angiogenic effects. Curcumin infusions prevent the development of blood vessels in the tumour tissue.

With its immune stimulating properties it is due that curcumin has the ability to fight potentially cancer-causing free radicals. Latest research points to an amazing connection between Curcumin and the reproduction of an antimicrobial protein in the human immune system. The secondary plant material weakens the cell membranes of cancer cells, making them more vulnerable to the immune system. For biological cancer therapies, chemo or radiation therapy, it counteracts infections as it disables the protein NF-kB.

The doctors and therapists at the Hyperthermia Centre Hannover use Curcumin as an infusion in addition to the Biological therapy of cancer. Since we can introduce high curcumin doses directly – i.e. without passage through the digestive tract – into the body, we achieve a significantly higher therapeutic effect than a conventional oral intake.


Curcumin infusions should be made only under the supervision of an experienced therapist in the framework of a holistic therapy program, which includes an in-depth laboratory diagnostic. Dosage is according to a patients weight and our patients receive it via an infusion protocol.


The treatment at the Hyperthermia Centre Hannover is embedded in a therapy concept that is individually tailored to each patient.

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