Gerson Therapy

Gerson therapy was developed by the German physician Max Gerson (1881-1959) to treat his own migraines. He found that this type of diet could also cure or improve many other chronic diseases, such as tuberculosis and Type-2 diabetes. After Gerson immigrated to the USA in 1936, he successfully demonstrated the relationship between nutrition and cancer.

​The dietary method he developed can be used in combination with our holistic regulation therapies, holistic regeneration and cancer regeneration therapies.

​Gerson therapy is a nutrition therapy. It consists mainly of freshly squeezed juices, a salt-free diet rich in vital substances, coffee enemas and certain dietary supplements.


Our Gerson therapy consultation:

  • At the Hyperthermia Centre Hannover learn how to organise your day in such a way that you can eat as many fresh nutrients as possible.

  • Get recipes for special, freshly prepared juices, raw and gently steamed vegetables or soups.

  • Learn which fruits and natural supplements to add to your daily diet.

  • Follow-up and progress monitoring is included.

  • By combining Gerson therapy with modern hyperthermia and biological cancer therapy, we have opened a new chapter in alternative cancer therapies and made preventive measures available to our patients.

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