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Mental and Basic Fitness Strategies for Cancer Patients

Exercise, relaxation, nutrition, focus


Cancer is a disease that plunges the affected person into a crisis, but which can also be an opportunity. It can be a chance to emerge stronger from this disease, from this crisis. This requires not only medical treatments, therapies, operations and medication, but also physical exercise, a healthy and varied diet or a change in diet, energy work and relaxation.

At the Hyperthermia Centre Hannover, we provide you with holistic advice, explain and demonstrate how important your diet is and how you can positively influence your metabolic processes. 

The effects of exercise on cancer patients have recently been increasingly investigated in clinical studies. It has been shown that physical activity can measurably reduce the side effects of chemo- or anti-hormonal therapy.

Run away from the cancer! 


​It has been proven that people who are physically active can reduce the risk of developing cancer by an average of 20 to 30 percent. However, it has been proven that people who fall ill nevertheless have a lower risk of relapse. Physical activity after a tumor disease also reduces the risk of relapse and increases the chances of a permanent cure.

Studies with breast cancer patients from the USA show, that the intensity of exercise is related to the survival rate. Studies have also shown positive effects for leukemia and other cancer patients.

Exercise will of course also increase your performance and your self-confidence, which can enormously improve your quality of life. But that's not all: physical activity also has a direct influence on the development of cancer, the course of cancer and the risk of relapse.

And relax! Use visualization techniques and emerge strengthened from your new situation. Everyone can learn visualization techniques and apply them in their daily lives.

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