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Multiple sclerosis Nerve disease and damaged myelin or MS autoimmune disease with healthy nerve with exposed fibers with scarred cell damage through 3D illustration elements. (Source: Shutterstock)

Multiple sclerosis (MS)

Definition of multiple sclerosis 

The disease with thousand faces!

In Germany, about 130,000 people develop multiple sclerosis every year. The disease usually starts between the ages of 20 and 40 and affects more women than men.


Multiple sclerosis can affect the brain and/or spinal cord. Inflammation centers destroy the insulating layer (myelin) of the brain or of the spinal cord. Scar tissue is formed that cannot transmit the nerve signals. This gives the disease its name: "multiple sclerosis" (many scars).

The course of MS is not predictable. The disease is progressing in stages; symptoms can appear and disappear within varying periods of time. Some forms of the disease progress slowly; symptoms remain and worsen constantly. The milder forms of MS - and these cases account for 30 to 40 percent - consist of extremely irregular relapses. Often years, sometimes even decades, lie in between.

Causes​ of multiple sclerosis

​Although there is still no conclusive explanation, scientists have identified several factors that can promote the development of MS. Environmental pollutants such as toxins, solvents, but also metal toxins such as aluminum and dental metals (mercury, copper and palladium, etc.) are considered dangerous for the membranes and the nervous system. 

​Parasites, bacteria and viruses may also play a role in the development of the disease. Researchers believe that the Epstein-Barr virus plays a key role in the development of multiple sclerosis, but Lyme disease is also suspected to be responsible. Mental factors often trigger uncontrolled relapses of the disease. Professional consultation and a detailed medical diagnosis, including magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and intensive neurological examinations, are essential for a good diagnosis.

Symptoms of multiple sclerosis

These include:​

  • inflammation of the optic nerve, diplopia - double vision

  • facial paralysis

  • unsteady movements

  • dizziness

  • tremors

  • speech disorders

  • paralysis

  • bladder and rectal disorders

  • increased muscle tension

  • sensory disorders

Treatment​ of multiple sclerosis

In regards to the treatment against multiple sclerosis, Dr. Hans A. Nieper had an outstanding role. The medical doctor from Hanover was one of the most biological therapists in his time. Already in the beginning of his career as a doctor and scientist Dr. Nieper did find the destroying potency of harmful orthodox treatment options against cancer, multiple sclerosis, heart and circulation diseases and other chronic diseases.


Because of the best possible supply with vitamins, minerals, food supplements and active secondary plant substances the oxidative stress of the body will can reduced. Immunologic processes of the body can be influenced positively.

The eumetabolic medications as proposed by Dr. Nieper, like:


  • Calcium Colaminphosphate (Calcium EAP),

  • potassium-magnesium and calcium Colaminphosphate (Phosetamin, K-Mg-Ca Colaminphosphate),

  • enzymes (Bromelain),

  • minerals,

  • vitamins and

  • carotinoids


will be used at our clinic with very good results.


Dr. Hans A. Nieper did introduce potassium and magnesium aspartates into the heart therapy and he found the ability of the EAP salts to protect cell membranes against attacks from immune cells. Because of this Dr. Nieper was the inventor of the only officially declared substance against MS. 


This in our clinic successfully used therapy against MS is based on the use of the so called colaminphosphate salts (Calcium EAP). This substance is a highly effective substance against the invasion of viruses, bacteria and toxic antibodies. Besides this the EAP salts word as neurotransmitter are necessary for the flow of electric load. And for a successful treatment the intravenous infusions of Calcium EAP are essential.


The correct diet has a very positive influence to the outcome of the disease as well. We gladly will inform you in this matter.


We do offer treatment to MS- patients besides the infusions with intravenous laser therapy in combination with oxygen. This treatment is very promising. Oxygen radicals will be activated, they are very effective against bacteria as well.


Besides this we do offer treatment with bioresonance therapy. Disturbances found with the help of biocheck will be inactivated and therefore the organism will be able to react properly again. For this therapy the patient will be connected with electrodes with the bioresonance machine, who finds the electromagnetic fields of the body. So the received healthy and also the ill and bad oscillations will be directed into the bioresonance machine. Within the machine the ill and bad oscillations will be separated, like a mirror reflection reversed, and will be electronically reinforced and returned into the body.

In the same way healthy oscillations of the patient can be increased within the help of the machine and returned into the body. This is very important, because only if the body has a good selfregulation, any kind of therapy can be started.

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