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EHY-2030 – Loco-regional Tumor Treatment

Revolutionary highly effective hyperthermia of the latest generation

As one of two clinics in Germany, the Hyperthermia Centre Hannover, along with the Charité Berlin, will introduce a system of the latest generation in January 2023: EHY-2030.

The device for the treatment of local-regional tumors in the brain, lungs, pancreas and kidneys is considered the latest development in the field of modern cancer treatment. The treatment also achieves promising results in breast cancer, as well as tumors in the prostate, liver and intestines.

During application, heat penetrates without damaging the upper layers of the skin and tissues, an electric field is established by means of electrodes, which supports natural healing processes in the body.

EHY-2030 was developed for advanced treatment of conventional hyperthermia. During the painless treatment, which has few side effects, the physician receives immediate visual insights and can thus react directly and determine a multi-modal therapy perfectly tailored to the patient and control and adjust it throughout.

The highly effective treatment by EHY-2030 fits in our clinic as local hyperthermia in a complementary medicine that combines state-of-the-art medicine and proven therapy concepts with the most advanced technology.

EHY-2030 device features an intelligent electrode system (Smart Electrode System-SES), a built-in patient management system (PMS-100), and a user-friendly touch screen display for system control.

The revolutionary locoregional electrohyperthermia device features:

- User-friendly touch display for system control

- New controlled step motor tuning system for rapid impedance matching

- New amplifier with higher power

- Robotic electrode arm for easy and accurate positioning of the smart electrode

- Interchangeable stretch textile electrode for smart electrode system and bed

- Emergency handheld transmitter for patients

The added value of complementary medicine for our patients is not only in supporting and improving conventional therapies. Therapy with EHY-2030 is free of side effects, it treats tumors specifically without affecting healthy tissue.

Another benefit: the patient's general well-being is strengthened, the quality of life is improved, and the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy are alleviated.



Hyperthermia Centre Hannover


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