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Psychosocial Oncology

Relieve fears and balance the psyche!


The Hyperthermia Centre Hannover offers comprehensive psycho-oncological support and treatment services for patients and their relatives.

​Cancer often comes as shock for the patients and their relatives, from which they can only recover with great strength and help. Affected people often respond to the diagnosis with anxiety, worry and helplessness. Tormenting questions such as "How should it continue?" Or "Why me?" add an additional burden. First of all, to be diagnosed with cancer represents an existential threat. As a result, not only the physical condition, but also the mental and social problems further affect the health of the patients.

A serious crisis in the course of the disease is possible, especially if the chosen therapy does not promise immediate success. It comes to fears, fatigue, sleep disorders and depression. This is where psycho-oncology comes in. 

Psycho-oncology is all about understanding and coping with cancer. Today, an accompanying psycho-oncological counseling of the patients is considered an indispensable part of modern, integrative and holistic cancer treatment.

The team at the Hyperthermia Centre Hannover offers sensible counseling during treatment. Trained in a specific symptom treatment for anxiety, pain, sleep disorders and depressive episodes, we accompany and support you carefully - especially in stressful situations - for example, before and after surgery and radiation.

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