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Treating chronic pain with ultrasound therapy

With the latest technology against rheumatism and chronic pain


Millions of patients suffer from rheumatoid arthritis. Around one percent of all adults in Germany are affected. This manifests itself in severe joint pain, swelling, morning stiffness, but also in exhaustion, weakness and tiredness.


As the joints are moved less due to the pain, this leads to a reduction of the muscles and increased stiffness in the long term. Hands, hips and knees are primarily affected. In most cases, the disease develops after the age of 50.

Only rarely does the disease occur earlier; then sometimes already in adolescence. Women are two to three times more likely to develop rheumatism than men, and on average about ten years earlier. In addition, the disease often affects women more than men.

Effective treatment with ultrasonic waves


In addition to conventional treatment with physiotherapy, medication and occupational therapy, an innovative treatment with ultrasound waves has proven to be very successful. At the Hyperthermia Centre Hannover we work with a new way of treating rheumatism: the new Sonodyn medical device. An innovative and technologically high-quality medical device that transmits vibrations in the patient's body through ultrasound and generates frictional heat through a micro-massage. This has a positive effect on microcirculation and thus on blood circulation.


Thus, the Hyperthermia Centre Hannover is committed to the well-being of patients with the latest medical technologies and full of innovation. We offer the perfect combination of the latest technologies in synergy with the complementary therapy methods for the treatment of cancer and chronic diseases.


With the new therapy option, the metabolism is stimulated, the normalization of the muscle tone is strengthened and the tissue tension is reduced.


The reduction in acidity relieves tension and helps relieve pain. A significant improvement in pain usually occurs after just a few therapy appointments. Long-term success is reflected in the reduction in stiff joints and the new mobility of the body.

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