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Vitamin B17 Infusions


Vitamin B 17, obtained from apricot kernels, peaches and bitter almond oil. The active ingredient can also be found in broccoli, spinach, cauliflower and cashew kernels. The exact name of the secondary plant substance is laevo-mandelonitril-beta-glucuronoside. It was first used in cancer therapy in Russia in 1845 and in the USA in the 1920s - at that time still as pills.

Today, vitamin B-17 infusions are increasingly used as part of holistic cancer therapy, as natural chemotherapy and to strengthen the immune system after conventional medical treatment.

The active substance, wrongly referred to as a "vitamin", is said to have a strong anti-cancer effect, and studies have also shown that vitamin B-17 is supposed to destroy cancer cells directly.

Thanks to its chemical action, vitamin B-17 is considered a nutrient for healthy cells and a poison for cancer cells. Vitamin B17 is a so-called "cyanogenic glycoside". This means that under certain conditions prussic acid (HCN; cyanide) is released from vitamin B-17. In the human body this happens with the help of the enzyme ß-glucosidase. In several steps, two molecules of glucose and one molecule each of benzaldehyde and prussic acid are produced from one molecule of vitamin B-17. 

While healthy cells contain little ß-glucosidase, cancer cells can contain significantly larger amounts of prussic acid releasing enzymes thanks to the sugar-loving metabolism of the cancer cells. Cancer cells love sugar and also any compound from which they can extract sugar.

To put it figuratively, the cancer cells are attracted by vitamin B-17 and poisoned by the released prussic acid.

An infusion therapy with vitamin B17 can therefore be extremely effective. At the Hyperthermia Centre Hannover it is used as a component of a holistic therapeutic approach.

The infusions are promising in colorectal and prostate cancer, but also in sarcomas, leukemia and breast cancer.


Vitamin B17 infusions can:

  • limit tumor growth

  • stop metastasis 

  • reduce pain

  • help prevent cancer

  • improve general well-being

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