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Hyperthermia Centre Hannover

Holistic Treatment for Cancer and Chronic Diseases in Germany

Biological Cancer Therapies and Complementary Oncology


At the Hyperthermia Centre in Hannover, the holistic clinic of Dr. Mohamed Ali Zayen, we combine the latest technology with a holistic approach to forms of therapy.


We concentrate on your individual needs and requirements and adapt every therapy, medication and holistic therapy plan to you and your needs individually.


Alternative and Holistic Treatment for Chronic Diseases


Over the past 35 years, the clinic has gained much experience in the treatment of various chronic diseases. In cooperation with our team, patients of the Hyperthermia Centre Hannover receive a comprehensive concept for recovery.

With the help of our years of experience, we combine the most varied forms of therapy from active therapy, regeneration and regulation therapies to a holistic therapeutic approach.


Alternative Cancer Therapies and Biological Treatments


We use our hearts and minds to support you.

We focus on clarity, creativity and competence on your way to better health. Again and again we see solutions ‘off the shelf’, which are not our way of thinking and treating.


Hyperthermia TreatmentHeat Against Cancer


Hyperthermia has been used successfully in the treatment of cancer and chronic diseases for many years. In this intensive form of cancer therapy, the body - and with it the tumor tissue - is heated.


Hyperthermia can make both chemotherapy and radiation therapy more effective, as well as destroying cancer cells with heat and stopping tumor growth. Side effects of chemotherapy such as hair loss and nausea can be significantly reduced with hyperthermia.


Infusion Therapies for Cancer


Infusion therapies belong to the general regeneration therapy group.

Our intensive, holistic regeneration and build-up cures for strengthening the immune system are individually tailored to each patient. Every body, every genetic makeup and every disease is unique - and so every body needs individual support.


Hyperthermia Centre Hannover


As a holistic outpatient clinic, the Hyperthermia Centre in Hannover concentrates on detoxification, immune activation and regeneration.

Our target is to maintain your quality of life, promote your recovery, increase your life expectancy, and restore your natural healing processes. Therefore, we are not satisfied with the treatment of symptoms. All therapies, medications have the target to improve your personal healthy lifestyle and increase your health to fight your disease.

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